This blog is about the process of writing; it is a procedure for fun and profit; however it should be dramatic. These articles will have sectors of interest for writing in general, and be broken down into segments.

A Word is a small element; it may or may not stand on its own. Also, a Tidbit of information may give an idea for a particular writing.  At times one needs Recipes for Writing, perhaps a formula. This changes with the times or maybe it is just a new idea of progression.

The use of Quotes, from people we admire, will lead and inspire us to move forward; these quotes are a wonderful means of expression. Someone has to write what could be words of wisdom.

There are many types of writing, something for everybody, a glorious mix.  Each will be given under a title, including; Micro-Fiction, Flash Fiction, Short Story, Novella, Novelette, Novels, and Epics & Sequels.  Each genre is of increasing size and complexity. A simple explanation of difference is the word count, Micro-Fiction 100 words, Flash Fiction 100 to 1,000 words, Short Stories 1,000 to 7,500, novelette 7,500 to 17,500, Novella 17,000 to 40,000, and Novels 80,000 to 120,000. An Epic is a series of events, heroic and impressive to the public A Sequel  will follow-up the same work in chronological order.

Poetry is a literary work with the use of a distinctive style and rhythm.

Art is important to everyone; it is everywhere and enhances your life, as seen on your walls, in original or print form. It is important to consider when writing a book, because people like to hear, feel and see illustrations or photos of a high quality.

Music is a part of every day life; we all listen to the radio and even write with music in the background.  There is a song for every occasion. When was the last time you went to a movie without music?

We as humanitarians must not forget to give back; this brings us happiness, as studies have proven. Volunteerism is also out there for you; there is something we all can give, so many causes. although it takes your time and your consideration.

Writing leaves a strong imprint on our culture, society and you; it is your viewpoint, a timeless  achievement that will remain forever. It has been a gift to you; therefore, your should share and pass your writing on perpetually. Your stories could be in all forms and published.

I have done this to a degree, nevertheless I wish to enhance my skills, and see my work on stage and screen; I have felt the joy of winning a writing contest and publication, it moved me. As an individual I am an optimist, for me the glass is half full, not half empty.

At this time I am working on three Novels, two fiction, and one non fiction. Short stories are fun for me. Writing within my Blog is gratifying beyond measure. We all have a novel waiting to be written. I am confident that the reader will burst from the gate for each of these novels, and not stop until exhausted at the finish line. These plots will thrill the reader with every turn of the page. The Leads have many conflicts to overcome, more than any good person should have.

No formula can guarantee a great novel, but it must have an above normal concept, characters that have a mission to stir your soul, and conflict that makes the lead character want to stay in bed. The characters need to be witty and gritty, wimps are not allowed.

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  1. wow. This is an impressive undertaking, and given your smooth prose, no doubt a successful one. Hope you are enjoying the process–I have found it’s a neverending story…:)

    • Yes, most of the time. Sometimes it is difficult to find the exact word to describe a person, place, or thing. Thank you for the comment.

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