David lay in bed trying to sleep; Saki was always on the floor with her head by his face waiting to have her ears rubbed, she knew her left ear from her right. He would say, “Gimme your right ear, now Gimme your left ear,” and she would turn her head accordingly. This boring motion would put them both to sleep.

Suddenly a crash was heard outside: it came from the side wall near the alley, a metallic banging sound. David grabbed a flash light and cautiously opened the door, Saki was again by his side. He flashed the light at the dumpster, it was open, and four eyes stared back and growled. Two black bear cubs had climbed the pallets stacked next to the dumpster and went dumpster diving, the result of leaving the dumpster lid opened.

David did not want the cubs between him and the cub’s mother, nor wake up everyone at the motel. So he went inside, grabbed a few bananas, peeled them, and threw them on the ground. He hoped the bears would come out and take the bananas, and leave; he would later come back and shut the lid. This worked, Sake was out two bananas, but every one got to sleep, even the bears.

David felt eyes staying at him and heard heavy panting; he knew it was Saki wanting to go outside so he got on his pants and shoes to take her out; Saki went for the trees and he sat on the steps watching. The sun was rising; he looked to his left, saw a pile of leaves, and heard heavy breathing. The cubs were back, apparent orphans, huddled together in the leaves, and sleeping soundly, now what.

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