David walked toward them with Saki unleashed at his left side; he stopped several feet short, and said softly, “May I join you?”

A young couple wrapped under an Army blanket replied in  unison, “Sure.”

David moved to the other side of their log and sat down; Saki sat on her haunches beside him staring at the fire and the movement in the limbs of the trees. A pair of bright eyes flashed in the darkness; the leaves moved and snapped. Saki got on all fours, walked to that tree, and walked around it with her head pointed up.  Saki stood on her hind legs and hopped around the trunk of the tree; she looked like a member of the Barnum & Bailey Circus.

Josh wrapped in the blanket with his girl friend Jan, stood up and said, “Look at that, she is chasing that coon around the tree on her hind legs.”

Jan sat in awe saying. “She sure is cute, looks like a polar bear.”

A very large, long-haired man spoke as he refilled his coffee cup, ” She is a good-sized female, but my male Akita is more than fifty pounds heavier.”

David introduced himself and Saki. David had a way of bringing out unknown facts about people; he liked to get total strangers to talk about themselves, he was polite, and a good listener. He continued around the circle of logs in a conversational manner. Darkness, a hot fire, and a very warm drink have a way of revealing your inner most self.

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