My favorite workplace.

Writing is an expressive, revealing, and sometimes frustrating process. It is a method of putting thoughts through a funnel before they overflow or spray away in mindless droplets. For me this act takes place while doing physical work; my writing takes place before a pen touches a paper or a computer; clustered random thoughts enter my mind either when sleeping or doing physical labor in my favorite work place, my backyard. The chore of digging, planting, trimming or watering plants is similar to altering verbage.

The best time to write is before the sun reveals its plan of the day. My fueled thoughts awake to this warm brightness.

Sometimes I’m inspired by the unbridled movement of unknown critters; their movement resemble basic human movements as they move in a strange robotic way to seek food, water and shelter. Backyard critters become injured and are left to die; some are devoured by their own; it resembles society past and present, and within TV programming. Truly, my backyard is very revealing place.

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