Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day, the second Sunday in May; today, May, 11, 2014, wake up to say.

I Love you


Hopefully she is with you today; if not for her, you time on this earth could be delayed.

PS: Happiness for today is having a Mother to send a card and flowers to.

Happiness Is?

Happiness is finding out that a long-lost friend is not the same name chiseled so carefully on that long dark wall in Washington, DC. He is not the same; he is sore from age, past wounds, broken in spirit from a nation that had forgotten his pain, suffering and loyalty. His strong arms are still strong from wheeling the wheel chair into hard places. His face does not smile because of the daily toil he faces. This battle hardened man cries to hear from a friend from so long ago. He smiles today.


A Complete Stranger

“Happiness is talking to a complete stranger; to tell them that he is not the Lone Ranger.
He smiles when told the work he done should be admired; he must have been inspired.
He should get a raise; or at least some noteworthy praise.
That smile will stay for the rest of the day; or until he gets his pay.”

–Richard Milleville

Good Vibrations

“Happiness is waking up to sunshine, birds are singing, cactus flowers are blooming, the smell of hot coffee, and good vibrations; an incurable disease has been cured, we all will have a better quality of life, a friend or relative has a new birth or accomplishment, and there is peace among the nations.”

–Richard Milleville, Dukes Quotes

Happiness, Looking Down or Up

Do you look down, up or just straight ahead?
Would you look down for a loaf of bread?

Would you bend down to pick it up?
Change, dollars or a tin cup.

Would you give to the man on the street?
Who doesn’t have a thing to eat.

Would you sing a sad, sad song?
And then just move right along

Happiness is a deep reelection
A view gained by love and affection.

–Richard Milleville