Grains of Sand

The grains of sand can be a grind; it can leave you far behind
Time will pass, cars will rust; unless you’re in a state with lots of dust
Look ahead and you will see; an old man hitting off the tee

–Dukes Quotes


“Whenever inspiration comes your way; take the time to make it sway.
Make it sing a loud sweet sound; as you leap and bound along.
Let the sun heat the cords; that stretch and bend these strange words.
Darkness will cool the day; and bring something new to say.”

–Richard Milleville, Dukes Quotes

Hope in a Haze

Is hope a butterfly that leaves on the next gust of wind, or a concrete thought carefully wrapped in tape?
It could be good thoughts for a friends, family or loves, or just concerns about their fate.
Regardless if it moves or stays; it lasts for a lifetime in the haze.

–Richard Milleville


Dream a little, dream a lot.
Makes you forget, what you got
Big dreams make you reach higher
Trying to find another high flyer
Take your time and try to find
Someone who can bend your mind

–Richard Milleville


“Did you forget to call or write; to say you won the fight?
The quest to do what you wanted in life; that you have overcome the strife.
They were the source of your knowledge and encouragement; the reason for your achievement.
Now much time has passed; you thought they would last and last.
Finally you wish to sing; their phone does not ring.
You search the internet to finalize; and then you realize their demise.
Sadly you view obituaries to find; they had left it all behind.
You leave your respects at a web site; But your regrets are still held tight.
The line is disconnected; things can not be corrected.”

–Richard Milleville

A Complete Stranger

“Happiness is talking to a complete stranger; to tell them that he is not the Lone Ranger.
He smiles when told the work he done should be admired; he must have been inspired.
He should get a raise; or at least some noteworthy praise.
That smile will stay for the rest of the day; or until he gets his pay.”

–Richard Milleville

Changing Hats

“Does your personality change with a different hat; you probably don’t think about that?
Have you ever lost your hat in the storm; that is only the norm?
Do you ever wish to change your hat at midday; But what would your friends say?
If your dog ate your favorite hat; would you give the dog a pat?
Is your hat shade for your eyes; or is it just a disguise?”

–Richard Milleville