It’s A – Comin’

Reflections on Writing the Beginning Chapter

As a writer of the first chapter of my first fictional novel, I can see the advantage of being excited about the plot. Writing is a lonely self absorbing process; I need an emotional clasp to keep my fingers moving in response to flowing thoughts. In daily life there so many detractions, attractions, and necessities that take place. When an inspiration comes to mind I need to write immediately, so the presence of pen and paper are always necessary for that constant fleeting thought; An idea will fly away in a second, similar to quail exploding at the shadow of a coyote.

–Richard Milleville, a/k/a Duke

Taking Requests

What would you like me to write about? What stirs your imagination? What brings you to tears?

I would like to hear from people in far away countries. I would like to see the globe on my screen light up. This would be Christmas for me.

English Please.

Thank you,

Richard Milleville


Titles can come from any source even random dictionary words. Just open the dictionary two separate times, pick a word, and you have a title. Try the first lines of a novel for a title. Now you have a new plot.


Issues are something you care about; a moral voice turns into a character with three dimensions. Make it a global issue, chose sides, a good argument for each side, and treat everyone the same. Who would care about each side of the issue? Keep the wind short. You have a new plot.