Naked Crowd Control

Saturday, june 21, 2014, between 12 and 1, a world nude bike ride at Madison, Wisconsin; a quick trip around the capital square. Perhaps there will be tea on the veranda afterwards? There may be protests and a walk down State Street or it may rain.

–Dukes Quotes

Nude Biking

There is now and has been nude biking in Madison, Wisconsin; is that called peddle power or conservative wheeling? I wonder if they are required to wear helmets or shoes? Are there people who stand around waiting for some to fall?  I guess some people will go all out to catch a breeze.

–Dukes Quotes

Peeping Drones

They will be here soon enough! What would you do if they are eyeballing you in your yard or looking into your window?

Smile & Wave

Be obscene

Shoot It

Call the Police

All of the above

None of the above

Comments and responses Please

What if they had music and lights?

A Penney For Your Thoughts?

“Have you heard this recently? How do they say this in other countries? What are your thoughts worth with inflation, 5 cents, 10 cents, 25 cents, a $1? If this inflated amount is then discounted to the present worth; what is the discount rate? If these thoughts can feed a family, make a fortune, they are worth man than a penny. What are your thoughts on the abstract value of thoughts?”

–Richard Milleville, Dukes Quotes