Grains of Sand

The grains of sand can be a grind; it can leave you far behind
Time will pass, cars will rust; unless you’re in a state with lots of dust
Look ahead and you will see; an old man hitting off the tee

–Dukes Quotes


“Someone said the knees are the first to go; new ones make you want to glow
It is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when; that is the time who know who you can call a friend
Man was not made to do one thing all his life; the joints become stressed and feel stabbed with a knife
My wife is recovering from another knee replacement; the temporary pain will become enjoyment
The scar will be slight; and not cause any fright
New parts are a wonderful thing; they make you want to get up and sing
So if you have doubts about this operation; contact me to prevent frustration”

–Dukes Quotes

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day, the second Sunday in May; today, May, 11, 2014, wake up to say.

I Love you


Hopefully she is with you today; if not for her, you time on this earth could be delayed.

PS: Happiness for today is having a Mother to send a card and flowers to.

Better With Age

Do we humans get better with age, like cheese and wine? Perhaps we do. As a senior your more compassionate, more caring, and more knowledgeable. However, cheese can only age until it gets too old and crumbles. Wine will go bad with too much age; the corks will dry out and the wine will turn to vinegar. Once strong men become frail and grumpy; lovely women turn wispy and troubled. Bright eyes still show the soul and intellect, but all physical matter is undergoing change. Whats the matter? We have done what we wanted to do, Mature.

–Richard Milleville

Wrong Limb

Have you visited a doctor’s office and a young nurse marked the wrong limb for surgery? Should you be calm about this when you only have two limbs and one is worse than the other? I have seen and heard about this often, perhaps you have too. Where was the mind of the nurse that made this choice? How and why does this happen? Does anyone care except the one being marked, for right or wrong? Be aware folks, you could receive the mark.

–Richard Milleville


“Did you forget to call or write; to say you won the fight?
The quest to do what you wanted in life; that you have overcome the strife.
They were the source of your knowledge and encouragement; the reason for your achievement.
Now much time has passed; you thought they would last and last.
Finally you wish to sing; their phone does not ring.
You search the internet to finalize; and then you realize their demise.
Sadly you view obituaries to find; they had left it all behind.
You leave your respects at a web site; But your regrets are still held tight.
The line is disconnected; things can not be corrected.”

–Richard Milleville