It’s A – Comin’

Reflections on Writing the Beginning Chapter

As a writer of the first chapter of my first fictional novel, I can see the advantage of being excited about the plot. Writing is a lonely self absorbing process; I need an emotional clasp to keep my fingers moving in response to flowing thoughts. In daily life there so many detractions, attractions, and necessities that take place. When an inspiration comes to mind I need to write immediately, so the presence of pen and paper are always necessary for that constant fleeting thought; An idea will fly away in a second, similar to quail exploding at the shadow of a coyote.

–Richard Milleville, a/k/a Duke

It’s A – Comin’

The lead, Jacob Dunlap got inside the reader by his thoughts and feelings. His moral compass, honor, is unlike those around him, and it comes out abruptly.

== A must read novel of passionate characters that all need and want something. A must read for those who enjoy Kindle.
— Richard Milleville

Parallel Plot Novel

“Giving birth to a parallel plot novel with subplots is an arduous task; the plot thickens like Mulligan stew, thins and more ingredients must be added. The main ingredients are of course the characters, many conflicting individuals that cause the stew to bubble. Will it be hot? Yes, too hot to put down.”

–Richard Milleville, The Passionate Novel

Grains of Sand

The grains of sand can be a grind; it can leave you far behind
Time will pass, cars will rust; unless you’re in a state with lots of dust
Look ahead and you will see; an old man hitting off the tee

–Dukes Quotes

Naked Crowd Control

Saturday, june 21, 2014, between 12 and 1, a world nude bike ride at Madison, Wisconsin; a quick trip around the capital square. Perhaps there will be tea on the veranda afterwards? There may be protests and a walk down State Street or it may rain.

–Dukes Quotes

Nude Biking

There is now and has been nude biking in Madison, Wisconsin; is that called peddle power or conservative wheeling? I wonder if they are required to wear helmets or shoes? Are there people who stand around waiting for some to fall?  I guess some people will go all out to catch a breeze.

–Dukes Quotes


“Someone said the knees are the first to go; new ones make you want to glow
It is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when; that is the time who know who you can call a friend
Man was not made to do one thing all his life; the joints become stressed and feel stabbed with a knife
My wife is recovering from another knee replacement; the temporary pain will become enjoyment
The scar will be slight; and not cause any fright
New parts are a wonderful thing; they make you want to get up and sing
So if you have doubts about this operation; contact me to prevent frustration”

–Dukes Quotes