Eyes of an Eagle

“Have you seen those eyes; that can see so far from up high?
It could look into your soul; as it stares at a far a way knoll.
The eagle has flown from a stave; held by a man so brave.
It has soared over a battle so bad; tears fell from its eyes, so sad.
Its feathers were very ruffled; when it returned, a man hustled to save.
The colors were about to fall; from a man shot with a cannon ball.
He reached out to keep the flag safe; his last chance to keep the faith.”

–Richard Milleville

The Songs of Eagles

“They soar with the wind; then go on a death-defying binge.
They sit high up to watch; what to others is a swatch.
They reach their talons to grab; a fish that is there to stab.
They return to feed the chicks; waiting in a nest, as strong as bricks.
Freedom shall ring; with every song that they sing.”

–Richard Milleville


Have you ever looked an eagle in the eye; and set him loose to see him fly?
He hits the current on feathered wing; makes you want to soar and sing.
A bird with such a downward spiral; and powerful squeal can seem unreal.
A bird that is an inspiration; and worth a lot of perspiration.
–Richard Milleville