Leaving Home..

Book Reviews

This is the first quotation from a series of books that I have enjoyed. It is called ‘Leaving Home,  A Collection of Lake Wobegon Stories,’ written by Harrison Keillor. This quote is from a chapter called, ‘A Letter from Copenhagen,’ Harrison Keillor wrote about his fictional home in Lake Wobegon which he missed while in Copenhagen; his family has a passion for sweet corn,.which is obvious:

“Sweet corn was our family’s weakness. We were prepared to resist atheistic Communism, Immoral Hollywood, hard liquor, gambling and dancing smoking, fornication, but if Satan had come around with sweet corn, we at least would have listened to what he had to sell. We might bought it but we would’ve had him in and given him  a cup of coffee. It was not amazing to learn in eighth grade science that corn is sexual, each plant containing both genders, male tassel and female flower, propagating in our garden after dark. Sweet corn was so delicious, what could have produced it except sex? Sunday after church, when the pot roast was done and the potatoes were boiled and mashed and a pot of water was boiling–only then wold Dad run out with a bushel basket and pick thirty ears of corn. We shucked it clean in five seconds per ear and popped it in the pot for a few minutes. A quick prayer, a little butter and salt, and that is as good as it gets. People have searched the world for something better and didn’t find it because its not there. There’s nothing better, not even sex. People have wanted sex to be as good as sweet corn and have worked hard  to improve it, and afterward they lay together in the dark, and said, “That was so wonderful,.but it wasn’t as good as fresh sweet corn.”

Mr Keillor has written numerous books, been on the radio ,and TV,and made appearances across the country; he says, “In Lake Wobegon, all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking, and all the children are above average.”