Hope in a Haze

Is hope a butterfly that leaves on the next gust of wind, or a concrete thought carefully wrapped in tape?
It could be good thoughts for a friends, family or loves, or just concerns about their fate.
Regardless if it moves or stays; it lasts for a lifetime in the haze.

–Richard Milleville

The Structure of Love

“Yes, love can be structured, in fiction. I do not think you need to be a romantic at heart, but experience helps. In real life lovers struggle, during, before, and after. Boy meets girl, gets girl, loses girl. The opposition always steps in; the opposition is anything and everything, even the weather. If they end happily, it gives us hope, maybe we can find love too. If there is a tragic ending, it is better to have loved and lost….”

–Richard Milleville, The Passionate Novel


“Did you forget to call or write; to say you won the fight?
The quest to do what you wanted in life; that you have overcome the strife.
They were the source of your knowledge and encouragement; the reason for your achievement.
Now much time has passed; you thought they would last and last.
Finally you wish to sing; their phone does not ring.
You search the internet to finalize; and then you realize their demise.
Sadly you view obituaries to find; they had left it all behind.
You leave your respects at a web site; But your regrets are still held tight.
The line is disconnected; things can not be corrected.”

–Richard Milleville

A la carte

“Is love à la carte; flying start, counterpart?
Is it a plastic art; poles apart?
It could be far apart, for a bleeding heart.
Can we have a heart-to-heart; and not be pushed over the apple cart?
I will go to the mini-mart before I fall apart; to meet my counterpart with an open-heart.”

–Richard Milleville

Stuck In Your Childhood

Are you stuck in your childhood; compelled to do what your Mother said?
Do you wish to do things in a different way: simple things that you do all day?
You can’t forget your very first lessons; they are the basis of all your next sessions.
That is why for today; you will be a child at heart in every way.
–Richard Milleville