Good Vibrations

“Happiness is waking up to sunshine, birds are singing, cactus flowers are blooming, the smell of hot coffee, and good vibrations; an incurable disease has been cured, we all will have a better quality of life, a friend or relative has a new birth or accomplishment, and there is peace among the nations.”

–Richard Milleville, Dukes Quotes

South Africa

“South Africa you have shed so many tears; tell us what to expect in future years?
What is behind that closed-door; the reason people stare at the floor.
What is the opinion of the man on the street; the one you want to go out and meet?

–Richard Milleville, Nations Stations


“Years ago I flew over to see; a land of snow, not much for me.
You population is so few; you must stick together like glue.
I understand there are things to see; please tell me?
I have lived in a world of snow; But I do not really know.
A world of fire and ice; there has to be something nice.”

–Richard Milleville, Nations Stations