Hope in a Haze

Is hope a butterfly that leaves on the next gust of wind, or a concrete thought carefully wrapped in tape?
It could be good thoughts for a friends, family or loves, or just concerns about their fate.
Regardless if it moves or stays; it lasts for a lifetime in the haze.

–Richard Milleville


“Did you forget to call or write; to say you won the fight?
The quest to do what you wanted in life; that you have overcome the strife.
They were the source of your knowledge and encouragement; the reason for your achievement.
Now much time has passed; you thought they would last and last.
Finally you wish to sing; their phone does not ring.
You search the internet to finalize; and then you realize their demise.
Sadly you view obituaries to find; they had left it all behind.
You leave your respects at a web site; But your regrets are still held tight.
The line is disconnected; things can not be corrected.”

–Richard Milleville

Good Vibrations

“Happiness is waking up to sunshine, birds are singing, cactus flowers are blooming, the smell of hot coffee, and good vibrations; an incurable disease has been cured, we all will have a better quality of life, a friend or relative has a new birth or accomplishment, and there is peace among the nations.”

–Richard Milleville, Dukes Quotes

The River of Life

“A river is meandering, warm, quiet, peaceful, comforting, lazy, calm, loving, and life-giving; yet, this same river over time be roaring, turbulent, aggressive, noisy, fearful, cruel, hot, cold, life taking, and unforgiving: Does this not resemble a life or the lives of many from the same River of Live?”

–Richard Milleville, Dukes Quotes

The Best Word

The best word to describe The Passionate Novel would be; impassioned, fervent, ardent, emotional,earnest, intense, fiery, fierce, furious, furious, raging, tempestuous, excited, wrought-up, inflamed, feeling, heartfelt, enthusiastic, hot, heated, vehement, intoxicating, ecstatic, loving, amorous, desirous, lustful, sensuous, carnal, erotic, and just plain sexy. Yes, words can describe this story of passion.

–Richard Milleville, The Passionate Novel