“Whenever inspiration comes your way; take the time to make it sway.
Make it sing a loud sweet sound; as you leap and bound along.
Let the sun heat the cords; that stretch and bend these strange words.
Darkness will cool the day; and bring something new to say.”

–Richard Milleville, Dukes Quotes


Weather is here for today; it comes in spurts and ruins the clay.
It changes with the setting sun; slow to tell us when its done.
The weather man is right, before he is wrong; and wants to repeat that sad, sad song.
The Farmers Almanac is the thing to buy; it says whats in that long, long sky.
–Richard Milleville


The hummingbird flew into the spray; the mist was attractive to her today.
The bird dropped wet into the ground; and the others missed it flying around.
She was picked up and laid in the sun; and dried for hours and missed the fun.
The mother flew in circles around; until it dried out and left the ground.
Now it flies around the yard; and doesn’t get caught off guard.
=Richard Milleville