Saki, a white female Akita, leaped from the car seeking to melt the snow; her urgency stalled by a pack of timber wolves with reflective eyes. They seen by the light of the harvest moon as they approached in a horn formation; silent except for the sound of pads on crusted snow. She moved in front of David; he reached down to feel the bristled hair on her neck and heard her low guttural sound. He said, “Saki, car!”

David moved to the open car door on the driver’s side, he waited for her to enter, but she was holding her ground by his side. He shouted, “In now,” she leaped to the passenger side. He got in shut the door as the wolves jumped to the windows on both sides. The two Alpha wolves separated and leaped to the hood and trunk. The pack surrounded the car; it was the echo of hell. There were at least a dozen, however he wasn’t counting.  He just hoped the windows would hold. 

The windows had the frightening images of snarling blood drenched yellow teeth, a multitude of piercing eyes that viewed them as a meal. The windows held as they attempted to bite at what they saw and the windows grew damp and streaked with saliva. Saki barked at each window.

David started the engine, put it into gear and hit the gas, saying, “There are enough deer around here; why are they after our?” A scratching sound was heard as the hairy creatures slid off the car. They sped down the road by the light of the moon. Saki was now calm.

Within minutes they rolled into Spooner, Wisconsin, a small northern city with the lights on. David had just gotten to Spooner last night. David and Saki lived in a room at the Spooner Motel; he opened the door and then the refrigerator to stare inside. It was empty; Saki would get a carrot, yogurt, and a banana. She laid on the floor undecided as to what to eat first; her eyes moved to each in turn. Saki put the banana between her paws; she gently snapped the end with her teeth and peeled it, then in one gulp it was gone. David made a sandwich out of sliced meat and some bread and turned on the TV to watch Sgt Preston of the Yukon. He soon broke out into laughter at the irony of it.