Morning came too soon; David sensed eyes staring at him; he opened his eyes to see they were. He knew she had to go out and opened the door to watch her run behind the bushes, shy. David dressed and went outside; it was still the weekend and they should see the rest of Spooner and eat somewhere. They got into his new scratched Ford with windows he could not see out of and drove to a gas station. It was a truck stop with fast food so he went in for more sandwiches; he took the keys and left the window open. Who would be foolish enough to get into a car with a full-grown Akita?

They had no particular place to go and it was sunny so he followed a logging truck out-of-town; they gained elevation and drove into a wooded area with trees from a second-growth. A parking place was found and they jumped out to look around; David sat on a fallen tree and Saki sought the highest limb for the best view. They sat in silence to view whatever came out of hiding.

A red fox came out of a hollow log and looked at them with curiosity;  it did not see the fast approaching shadow, but felt the talons of the eagle and cried out. It went limp delivered to a high eagles nest. Two human eyes and two dog eyes watched with interest; they locked eyes with the eagle as she opened up the fox and fed her chicks.

The day passed quickly and they moved from place to place; the same eagle sat on nearby limbs and looked down at them with knowing eyes.  David lost his sense of direction; a mist and a pending storm remained, suddenly the eagle flew off flying low to the ground. David said, “Why not,?” he followed the dirt road without signs and endless turns and returned to town. The sight of  the low flying rear end of an eagle remained with him.

David turned his beat up old Ford into the gravel Motel drive; he pulled the bag of groceries out of the back seat and entered the door. He gave Saki a bowl of dog food and put his food in the refrigerator. It was nearly dark; a window outside revealed a  fire was lit for a bonfire.  The fire threw shadows around a circle of folks, sitting on logs, around the fire. There was laughter around the bright blaze. David heard it and went outside.