On April 1, 2020 the census was due. The US population rose with the sunrise; the east coast ahead of the west coast, to go to their satellite stations; each individual in turn put their card in a black box. The satellite passed over to uplift the collective data and the census was complete.

How could this be possible? This procedure has been on its way for a long time. The Census Bureau told to cut costs so they eliminated countless people. The information is already available by G P S such as address listing and maps; it is also shared by governmental agencies.

The final order: “All citizens will wear a microchip card necklace around your neck as a National ID; The Government Emergency System will audio stream your block of time on TV to gather at your assigned stations. Those in non compliance will get emails, phone calls, and then a knock on your door.”

The man at the door will look like a character from a “Men in Black” movie, with an authoritative ID card and a black suitcase, unchained; he will impose penalties for disobedience that will show up on public records. You will labeled a Nonconformist.