Naked Crowd Control

Saturday, june 21, 2014, between 12 and 1, a world nude bike ride at Madison, Wisconsin; a quick trip around the capital square. Perhaps there will be tea on the veranda afterwards? There may be protests and a walk down State Street or it may rain.

–Dukes Quotes

Nude Biking

There is now and has been nude biking in Madison, Wisconsin; is that called peddle power or conservative wheeling? I wonder if they are required to wear helmets or shoes? Are there people who stand around waiting for some to fall?  I guess some people will go all out to catch a breeze.

–Dukes Quotes

Peeping Drones

They will be here soon enough! What would you do if they are eyeballing you in your yard or looking into your window?

Smile & Wave

Be obscene

Shoot It

Call the Police

All of the above

None of the above

Comments and responses Please

What if they had music and lights?


“Did you forget to call or write; to say you won the fight?
The quest to do what you wanted in life; that you have overcome the strife.
They were the source of your knowledge and encouragement; the reason for your achievement.
Now much time has passed; you thought they would last and last.
Finally you wish to sing; their phone does not ring.
You search the internet to finalize; and then you realize their demise.
Sadly you view obituaries to find; they had left it all behind.
You leave your respects at a web site; But your regrets are still held tight.
The line is disconnected; things can not be corrected.”

–Richard Milleville

South Africa

“South Africa you have shed so many tears; tell us what to expect in future years?
What is behind that closed-door; the reason people stare at the floor.
What is the opinion of the man on the street; the one you want to go out and meet?

–Richard Milleville, Nations Stations