Peeping Drones

They will be here soon enough! What would you do if they are eyeballing you in your yard or looking into your window?

Smile & Wave

Be obscene

Shoot It

Call the Police

All of the above

None of the above

Comments and responses Please

What if they had music and lights?

Sunrise Delivery

“Look into the sunset; and you can see.
Another person waving; or a ship at sea.
It is so very hard to hide; easier to confide.
The package delivered from a robot glider.
It’s a GPS time space fighter.
Your wish will arrive as your coffee brews.
Delivered by Amazon; long before the TV news.”

–Richard Milleville, Dukes Quotes

Yes or No

Would you like to know the number of your days?

Would you like to know if or when you will be alone, alone without friends and family?

Would you like to see the hands of time reverse?

Saying yes to 1, 2, 3 or all may happen in part. Technology today can estimate the number of your days.

Great, used for insurance and census predictions.
–Richard Milleville


On April 1, 2020 the census was due. The US population rose with the sunrise; the east coast ahead of the west coast, to go to their satellite stations; each individual in turn put their card in a black box. The satellite passed over to uplift the collective data and the census was complete.

How could this be possible? This procedure has been on its way for a long time. The Census Bureau told to cut costs so they eliminated countless people. The information is already available by G P S such as address listing and maps; it is also shared by governmental agencies.

The final order: “All citizens will wear a microchip card necklace around your neck as a National ID; The Government Emergency System will audio stream your block of time on TV to gather at your assigned stations. Those in non compliance will get emails, phone calls, and then a knock on your door.”

The man at the door will look like a character from a “Men in Black” movie, with an authoritative ID card and a black suitcase, unchained; he will impose penalties for disobedience that will show up on public records. You will labeled a Nonconformist.